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Pipeline Surveillance

Visual, Thermal & Gas Leak Pipeline Inspection

Anomaly reporting

Visual Datalog Inspection, Gas Leak Detection (GLD), Thermal Video Leak Detection (TLD), Geo-Referenced Imaging (GRI), Vegetation Surveys,

Aircraft Used:

Visual Datalog - Cessna 172,182, 206, Robinson 44,  Bell 206,

Airbus AS350

Thermal Infrared - Robinson 44, Bell 206

Gas Leak Detection

Thermal Leak Detection

Boreal Gas Leak Detection

Bridger Photonics Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak detection systems provide immediate detection of natural gas in the atmosphere. PPM concentrations of natural gas are available to technician in real time.


Aircraft Used:

Thermal Infrared - Robinson 44, Bell 206

Boreal Gas Leak Detection - Robinson 44, Bell 206

Bridger Photonics - Cessna 172, Bell 206



Long line lift, Seismic Services, Assist Pipeline Engineering & Assessment projects, Forestry Support, Wildfire Suppression, Wildlife Services, Oil & Gas Support, Construction, Environmental Services, Aerial Photography.

Aircraft Used:

Robinson 44, Bell 206, Airbus AS350, Bell 204, Bell 205

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Aerial Application

Industrial Vegetation Management - Aerial Spray for Noxious Weeds

Effective control of brush, noxious and invasive weeds on right of ways and lease sites.

Proven results of fast and effective services with a fixed price per site depending on volume. We have been able to significantly reduce industrial vegetation management budgets in some areas.

Aircraft Used:

Vegetation spray - Airbus AS350

Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading Solutions

Natural Gas, Water, Electrical Utilities

Aircraft Used:

Cessna 172, 182

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Our Mission

Safely provide value-added operational excellence and efficiency for our clients and stakeholders.

Pipeline Surveillance

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