AS350 Seasonal Pool Pilot- Alberta

Airborne Energy Solutions Inc.
Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

Employment: Airborne Energy Solutions is looking for qualified pool pilots for the upcoming 2020 season. 

Job Description: Airborne Energy Solutions (AES) has been operating in the Whitecourt and Northern Alberta area for over 15 years. AES is searching for pilots who are excited to work within a company possessing opportunities to grow and develop specialized skills. Qualified pilots will be expected to travel throughout Alberta with a primary base held in Whitecourt. Jobs duties will range from Wildfire management, Silviculture, Pipeline Surveillance, Aerial Application, Seismic and Oil field services. 

Position Requirements:

  • 1500 PIC Rotary Wing

  • Long Line Proficient

  • AS350 endorsement (> 500hrs PIC on type)

  • Valid Class 1 Medical and drivers license

  • Canadian Resident

  • Strong written and verbal English language skills

  • Preference given to those with Wildfire experience, training experience, Approved Mountain course and Long Line proficiency

Pay: Compensation will be based on experience and skills, as per our Employee Pay Scale

Apply: Email resume with reference for this job posting to - 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Rotary Wing Full time

Airborne Energy Solutions Inc.

Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

Job Description: The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for maintaining company aircraft and related

equipment, ensuring airworthiness and optimal operational performance. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ensures

all work completed meets Transport Canada’s, the company’s, the aircraft manufacturer’s and the customer’s statutory, regulator and satisfaction standards.

Reports toPerson Responsible for Maintenance

Position Requirements: 

  • Valid AME license.

  • Endorsement on any of the following A/C types: R44, Bell 206, AS350

  • Good understanding of technical data.

  • A strong command of the English language, both verbal and written.

  • Valid Class 5 driver's license


Maintenance -

  • Conduct yourself in a safe and professional manner as dictated by the company SMS manual.

  • Fill out hazard reports on Safety Reporter program any time a hazard is acknowledged.

  • Inspect and maintain aircraft equipment on a scheduled and unscheduled basis to ensure continued airworthiness.

  • Perform troubleshooting as required.

  • Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs in accordance with the company MCM & MPM and Transport Canada requirements.

  • Maintain shop and field equipment, materials, working areas and facilities in a clean and tidy manner.

  • Report unserviceable maintenance equipment to the appropriate Supervisor.

  • Attend training courses as required.

Record Keeping- 

  • Maintain accurate and complete electronic maintenance records as per MCM & MPM.


  • Provide supervision and guidance to apprentices to ensure their work is completed according to standards.

  • When acting as Crew Chief, is responsible for all the work done by all maintenance personnel whose work he/she will be certifying.

  • When acting as Crew Chief, is responsible to verify that all work including tool check, work

  • order tasks, log book entries, ground runs, test flights, work orders, are completed before the aircraft is released for flight.

  • When acting as Crew Chief, certify maintenance release and complete necessary work packages for all work accomplished.

  • When acting as Crew Chief, verify maintenance forecast to update the alerter section of the journey log.


  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.


  • Strong mechanical aptitude.

  • Attention to detail.

  • High quality standards.

  • High degree of accuracy in work.

Equipment to be Used-

  • Typical aircraft maintenance hand tools.

  • Laptop computer and associated devices.

Typical Physical Demands-

  • Moderate lifting may be required.

Typical Mental Demands-

  • Must be self-reliant with the ability to make decisions and act quickly.

  • Ability to communicate with a wide variety of people.

  • Work in a fast paced environment.

  • Able to consistently deliver precise results following process and protocol.

Working Conditions-

  • Aircraft hangar setting as well as working in field conditions under a variety of climatic conditions.

  • Overtime may be required.

  • Employee may be required to be on call.

Apply: Email resume with reference for this job posting to -

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